Make it easy to sell

Meet stakeholder needs. Long-term.

“Needs drive action”

Mia Lohman (1965-)

To make it easy to sell you need to Build a Solid Business Foundation and Manage Needed Change. In it’s simplicity, the questions is to meet needs. Long-term.

Awecore Oy helps you identify, concretize, and act on stakeholder needs.

We are eager to help you promote products that paves the way for a sustainable future. E.g. products that indirectly or directly increase energy & resource efficiency, or minimize waste.

We have a unique combination of business & communication skills and, a broad understanding for sustainability issues. Add focussed determination and enthusiasm, and you see why we are well placed to help you make it easy to sell. Long-term.

We have 20 years of hands-on B2B experience covering the way from product idea generation to global sales consolidation. 10 years experience of needs-based business coaching and training. 5 years of studies including bio-energy, sustainability and climate change.

“Will and ability to innovate and, implement business that generates profitable results. Contagious energy and enthusiasm”

Kari Laento, Representative Director, GTT Group